First Magazine

First Magazine is published quarterly by Suncity Group

In asscociation with
877c Limited


FIRST is a quarterly high end luxury lifestyle and business magazine of Suncity Group targeted at ultra high net worth individuals including CEO’s, entrepreneurs, high rollers and VIP club members.

A mixture of modern day refined living, business and entertainment. FIRST offers its readers a vision of an aspirational luxury lifestyle and roadmap to continued financial success.

FIRST with its contemporary look with contribution from world’s finest writers and photographers, draws in the ultra high net worth game changing individuals it targets, where FIRST will and the other will follow.

Advertorial design

Photo retouch

Winfred Yu

The crew

Ian Chan,
Joel Lo

Martin Yu

Trace Shek

Winnie So,

Creative director:
Kelvin Lam @877c

Art director:
Homan Leung

Senior designer:
Keith Lam

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